Clean piping & Maintenance

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Clean Piping

Etech is highly specialized in the design, installation, commissioning, C&Q and documentation of clean fluid distribution networks.

We offer a complete package for all projects

Clean Maintenance

Maintenance Engineering :

Updating P&IDs and BOQs, taking the specificities of the site into account, diagnoses, creating or updating network isometrics.

Qualified intervention teams :

Locking out, replacing consumables on static (seals) and dynamic sealing (diaphragm, ball, flap valves,…), testing and re-commissioning  installations.

MERCK Switzerland Project

Merck, a leading German science and technology company, is investing on its Aubonne production site (Switzerland) as part of the SKY project.

The investment will cover a new building with 3500 m² of floor space on 4 levels, dedicated to Merck’s biotech medicines for use in more than 150 countries; this is meant to help meet patients’ growing needs for flagship drugs such as Gonal-F®, for fertility treatment.

Etech is in charge of the studies (dimensioning and BIM model), construction with inter-lots coordination, commissioning & SAT and execution files for gas networks (AC, N2, He, Ar, lab gas), process & contaminated effluents and vents on the 4 levels. 

The project entrusted to Etech will last 18 months and involve a team of 20 people on the Aubonne site.